Software package KSE CK-Pro

Universal software package for automation of industrial enterprises, designed for monitoring and intelligent control of technological processes:

  • Oil and gas treatment
  • Oil and gas transportation
  • Oil and gas processing
  • Waste water treatment
  • Chemical industry

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Key features and capabilities of KSE CK-Pro

The KSE CK-Pro package is developed on the basis of KSE Software Platform (included on the Unified Register of Russian Programs) and represents a ready packaged product that allows by configuring to deploy an enterprise automation system in the shortest time possible.

Project approach
  • Library of graphic elements, templates, scripts and reports
  • Predefined configurations for quick project initialization
  • Modern toolkit for development of individual operator interface

Integration with related systems
  • OPC DA, OPC UA, Modbus protocols support
  • Integration with MES, EPR

Complex condition monitoring
  • Data collection on process equipment condition
  • Emergency and warning signaling

Design values monitoring
  • Monitoring of current settings, operation modes and their deviation from design values
  • Analysis of process equipment operating parameters
  • Solutions from local HMI-based systems to central/dispatching workstation of an enterprise
  • Client-server architecture
  • Number of workplaces is unlimited, only server shall be licensed
  • Building fail-safe configurations: redundant client applications, redundant servers

  • Various automatic control modes/scenarios, including adaptive modes
  • Interlocks and protections
  • Remote control with operator actions monitoring, feedback and recording in personnel actions log
  • Changeover to safe state in case of sensors or communication lines malfunction

Analysis of situations
  • Analysis of situations by trends and logs
  • Analysis of control efficiency with identification of possible faults

  • Overview mnemonic diagrams of enterprise
  • Mnemonic diagrams of installations with instrumentation and control equipment geotags
  • Detailed mnemonic diagrams of the most critical nodes
  • Regulators setting windows
  • Parameterization windows for actuators interlocks and protections
  • Mnemonic diagrams of diagnostics
  • Mnemonic diagram element search by name or description
  • Ability to build multi-monitor interfaces

Reports, logs, trends
  • Data storage in a high performance database
  • Event and alarm logs
  • Trends of current and history values
  • Event summaries and energy consumption reports

Reducing risks and costs
  • Maintenance plans keeping
  • Equipment operating time recording: time, number of starts, number of emergency shutdowns
  • Control of changes in consumer electrical parameters
  • Equipment condition diagnostics
  • Communication channels diagnostics
Reference information
  • Information about process equipment
  • Isometric flow charts
  • Design and project documentation

Information security
  • Access control based on user roles
  • Software integrity control
  • Compatibility with Kaspersky antivirus